Interim VP Marketing

Sometimes, companies find us before they’ve brought on any dedicated in-house marketing resources. Often, they have a very senior acting VP Marketing/Sales (this person may also be founder/CEO) who doesn’t have the time or background to build out an integrated launch or lead nurture plan. Or they may have high potential, hard working marketers on staff who could use mentorship, management and guidance to grow in their role. Alkali marketers often fill the “senior marketer” void while helping build out a cost effective internal marketing function over time.

Brand Positioning

Many early stage companies know exactly what makes their product or service special, but aren’t quite sure which audiences will care, and how to communicate in a way that is engaging, trustworthy and relatable to those audiences. One of Alkali’s sweet spots is in developing corporate positioning and a unique voice while also building out the messaging and copy that can be used and reused for sales, marketing, fundraising, PR, and recruiting purposes. Alkali’s copywriting expertise also extends to blog writing, article submission, press releases and internal communication.

Digital, Search & Social Media

Alkali works with bleeding edge app companies as well as old fashioned craftspeople to develop the digital marketing programs that work for them. Alkali has experience managing website strategy and development, lead generation and nurturing email campaigns, influencer marketing, paid and organic search engine optimization, social media, Amazon listings and optimization, and more. We can take over this work or teach your staff how to manage it cost-effectively in-house and customize it based on budget, appetite and goals.

Alkali Marketing got its name because much like alkali metals, we love that just a speck of the right resource can produce a spectacular reaction if you manage it correctly. We are passionate about putting our creativity to work (along with plenty of analytical thinking) to figure out how to ignite a spark with your target audience and then fan those flames as you launch your company, introduce a new product or engage a new audience. Alkali campaigns have included targeted account based marketing, viral videos, newsworthy events, grassroots engagement and unique direct campaigns that get people talking.

Launch & Campaign Marketing